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Welcome to Concord Kids Preschool Ministry!

 We have three values that we believe help us to reach families in our community and open doors so kids can learn about Jesus.

1 - FUN

We believe that when we create a fun atmosphere where kids WANT to be, we open the door for kids to learn about God. We want kids to be so excited about coming to church on Sundays that they are dragging their parents here! We are committed to creating engaging large group sessions and fun series to get kids and their families to church.


Fun opens the door to get kids to church, but relationships bring them back. We believe that kids need community and that is found inside small groups with other kids and with a leader that cares about your child!


Fun opens the door, relationships bring them back, but faith is what really matters! More than anything, we want partner with parents to introduce kids to a lifelong relationship with Jesus.

From newborns to pre-K 5 year olds, our preschoolers experience the love of Christ and begin to see the truths of God's Word. We use the Gospel Project curriculum which is intentionally geared towards preschool learning styles and will point your preschoolers to begin to understand the Gospel of Jesus.

What to Expect

  1. Check-In:We are committed to keeping your child safe and secure while they are in Concord Kids, so every child is required to check into a computer and wear a security nametag. On your first visit, please see a volunteer at the Guest Check-In in the Preschool lobby who will help you check-in for the first time and assign your child to a small group.
  2. Small Group:Every child is assigned a small group where leaders will care for and teach your child and they can build friendships with their peers. This is where kids open the Bible and learn God’s Word, play games together and pray for one another. You will drop off and pick up your child using outside doors of their small group room.
  3. Large Group:During our Step 3 Gathering Plan, Concord Kids is not having any large groups.
  4. Pick Up:When Concord Kids is over, parents must show their security tag at the outside door to your child’s classroom when picking up. Your child’s small group leader will match the code on the parent security tag with your child’s nametag. If either of you lose your tag, please see a Concord Kids volunteer in the Preschool lobby.


Where is the Concord Kids Preschool Lobby?

We are located on the upper level of the Preschool/Children's Building, which is east of the tall Worship Center.

Will my child be safe?

When you enter the preschool area, you’ll find a check-in desk and friendly greeters who will explain our nametag verification system and help your child get settled. Our campus has a variety of other security features as well, so if you have a specific security concern, feel free to mention that when you check in.

Where should I park?

We recommend that you park behind the Preschool/Children's Building (this is the only parking lot behind the church, so it is easy to find).

Events & Opportunities

View the events tab at the top of the page to connect with upcoming Preschool Ministry events.


Elevate: Home Edition

It is truly important to Elevate God's Word in our homes and that's we are asking our Concord Kids families to do this semester. We are going to equip each family with a monthly Elevate kit that includes games, activities and more all designed to help your kids memorize verses from the Bible and hide them in their hearts. We are also going to have three Elevate Check-Point Nights where you can stop by our campus, have your kids say their verses and earn a yummy treat or cool prize and then head home. This is going to be an incredible way for us to partner with you in teaching your kids the Bible and inspiring them to follow Jesus with their lives. 

 Monthly - Elevate kits
  • list of verses for that month
  • weekly lesson with bible story, memory verse game, discussion questions and application.
  • includes any supplies for activities during the month
Elevate Check-Point Night

This would be a night for parents to bring their kids to a drop-in type experience. Kids will say their verses for us and get a special treat for doing so and then head out.

  • 10/7 - Kona Ice 
  • 11/4 - TBD
  • 12/2 - TBD
Family Dedication

Family Dedication is a special celebration for you, as parents, to make a public commitment before God, your church, and your family. This commitment is to raise your children in a Christ-centered home.

Volunteer in Preschool Ministry

Preschool classes are staffed with volunteers of all ages who have passed FBC’s security screening. All parents and other church members are encouraged to serve on a rotating basis. Come be a part of a growing ministry that allows you to have a lasting impact in the lives of children. The rewards are eternal!


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