Step 3 FAQ


What time are Sunday morning services?
  • 9 and 11 AM
Are masks required for Sunday services?
  • Masks are optional for everyone
Do I need to save a seat during Seat 3?
  • No…once we are in Step 3, you will no longer need to save a seat for worship services
Why are we not keeping with the same services times of 9 and 10:45 am?
  • The extra time between services gives our staff team time to sanitize the Worship Center and surrounding areas
Will we still be asked to maintain social distancing?
  • Yes, during Step 3, we will ask that we maintain social distancing while inside the church building
If I am not ready to come back to worship in person, can I continue to worship online?
  • Yes! We will always offer our services online on Facebook, YouTube and We invite you to worship with us online anytime you cannot worship with us in person


What is your wellness policy?
  • Please click HERE to view our wellness policy
What is the check-in process?
  • Staff/Coordinators will check-in kids at one of the outside tents using portable devices & give printed security tags to parents to place on kids
What is the pick-up process?
  • For Preschool – pickup will be at the outside door
  • For Elementary – pickup will be in the downstairs lobby
How are you social distancing the children?
  • There will be limited number of children and volunteers per classroom
  • We will not have large group settings
How are you sanitizing?
  • Toys will be cleaned when the room is cleaned
  • We will switch to a new room for each hour with all new toys
  • Staff and coordinators will clean common areas
What about masks?
  • Volunteers will be wearing masks when in close contact with children
  • Your children may wear masks if that is your choice


How will you sanitize the rooms?
  • We will use different rooms during the 9 am service and the 11 am service
  • Each room will be sanitized after the group meets
What times will students be meeting?
  • Middle School groups meet at 9 am and High School groups meet at 11 am
  • We will offer a High School group at 9 and a Middle School group at 11
How will you be socially distancing?
  • Our large group rooms are large enough to spread out the seating to provide more room for distancing
  • If our lobby becomes too full for students, we will move students into the Gym in between services
What happens in between services?
  • We will go to the Student Gym between services


How can I connect in a group?
  • We would love to help you find a Bible Study Group. Fill out the form HERE or email us at and we will help you find a group
Will my group meet in person or online?
  • If 75% of your group is ready to meet in person, we will make sure you have a place to meet on Sunday mornings
  • If the majority of your group wants to remain meeting online for the time being – Zoom will remain an option for your group
How will you be sanitizing?
  • Supplies will be available in each room and we will ask before a group leaves, that they sanitize the room and chairs
Do I have to wear a mask?
  • During Step 3, masks are optional. If you want to wear a mask, you are more than welcome to wear a mask