Counseling Ministry

Counseling Request Form

The Counseling Ministry of First Baptist Concord does not offer 24-hour counseling availability. If you think you are a danger to yourself or others, call 911 or the Mobile Crisis Unit at 865.539.2409.

Before your appointment, please fill out this document.

Statement of Purpose & Practice

The Counseling Center of First Baptist Concord exists to meet care and counseling needs with Biblical answers. Our care may include meeting with our in-house pastors and counselors, our church support ministries or referrals to area or regional specialized counselors or ministries. We do not charge for Concord members to visit with Concord counselors or pastors.

First Baptist Concord practices Biblical Counseling, believing the solutions to man's problems lie in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the life-change that comes by the Holy Spirit - who is Comforter and Counselor - through adherence to the Word of God. Our approach values and often refers to the knowledge gained in the fields of psychology and medicine, recognizing that medical attention may be needed.

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