Messages About Pastor John Mark

"Pastor John Mark is one of the most respected young pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention. My counterpart in North Carolina has been speaking highly of him for a number of years and the phenomenal job he is doing at his church in Apex. I have heard what a great pastor he is, what a great preacher he is and what a great leader he has been. I have grown to really appreciate Pastor John Mark and love him, and I am very excited that the search committee has been led by God to this man."

- Dr. Randy Davis
Executive Director of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board
"John Mark Harrison is one of the SBC’s most promising young leaders. Naturally speaking, he has it all—charisma, good leadership instincts, great people skills, and is a phenomenal preacher. Even more, the hand of God is upon him. In the years I have known him, I have seen him walk with integrity, humility, and a deep dependence on God. He is loyal and dependable, and I am excited to see how God uses him in this next chapter!"

- Dr. J.D. Greear
Pastor, The Summit Church
President of the Southern Baptist Convention

" I could not be more excited about the possibility of John Mark Harrison becoming your next pastor. He is one of the sharpest and most innovative young pastor leaders in the SBC. God has used him to not only grow his church but to invest in other young leaders as a mentor. You are very blessed to have such a high capacity leader and godly man to be considering as your next pastor."

- Kevin Ezell
President of the North American Mission Board
"John Mark has the tools needed to effectively reach and keep a generation. He has the heart of a shepherd; he is a highly effective preacher of the Word of God; he has paid the price in education, training, and real world experience. If you look at everywhere he has served, the church is strengthened, had tremendous growth, baptisms, missions, and a good name in the community.”

- Dr. Jay Strack
Founder, Student Leadership University

"John Mark is a faithful shepherd who will lead the church well. He will lead by example, encouragement and exhortation. He has great character, a quick learner, dynamic communicator and has the ability to bring people along in necessary changes. He is such a well-balance leader and pastor. His giftedness and experience give him the rare combination of both preaching and leading well."

- Dr. Bruce Frank
Lead Pastor at Biltmore Baptist Church
"John Mark Harrison is one of the finest young pastors I know. He is a wonderful man of God who loves Christ, the Bible, the Church and the lost. I hold him in the highest regard and believe he will serve Concord well. I believe exciting and fruitful days are in your future."

- Daniel Akin
President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
"Dear church family, Congrats on your call to Pastor John Mark Harrison. In athletic terms, he's a blue chipper! He loves Jesus. He loves his family. He loves and preaches God's Word. He is a team builder. He has a shepherds heart. He is a visionary. He's a joy to be around. He is a man of integrity. He has only one discerible flaw...he played football at Alabama!...but by God's Grace he has been forgiven! You have a winner. Our prayers for all."

- Dr. Jim Henry
Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church Orlando

"The best way to describe Pastor John Mark and Brigitte is they are the real deal! He has the unique ability and gifting to connect with anybody and everybody regardless of their age or stage in life. Pastor John Mark is one of the young great preachers and leaders of our SBC! I've known for a long time that God would open a great door for them and First Baptist Concord is that door! Exciting Days Ahead!"

- Dr. Kevin Hamm
Senior Pastor, Gardendale First Baptist
"First Baptist Concord, I am absolutely elated that you have felt led of God to call my dear friend, John Mark Harrison as your prospective Senior Pastor. You will be thrilled. He is a man of God with the hand of God on his life. One of the leaders among leaders. I can hardly wait to see how God uses him."

- Dr. Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church Woodstock

"John Mark is one of the finest young pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention. He is a sound conservative biblical theologian, a great family man and a wonderful pastor. I commend First Baptist Concord for choosing this man of God as your prospective Senior Pastor."

- Pastor James Merritt
Lead Pastor at Cross Pointe Church
"It is my great privilege to endorse the ministry of John Mark Harrison. I have known John Mark for over fifteen years and during that time, found him to be a humble yet strong leader. I wholeheartedly believe he is and will continue to be one of the great pastors this convention will enjoy in the coming years. Any church, and in particular First Baptist Concord, would be blessed by his vision, preaching, leadership and overall approach to ministry!"

- Brent Crowe
Vice-President of Student Leadership University