Who We Are

"Launch" into God's Story!

What is your purpose? Do you know? Do you have a unique purpose? Does our church have a unique purpose?

Life Purpose

We believe the Lord has divinely led First Baptist Concord to "launch" into His story and fresh clarity about our purpose, passion, path and prosperity.

It all starts with our purpose as individuals and as a church. Together, we are going after "Real Life with Jesus."

Life Passion

First Baptist Concord's life passion consists of the core values that drive everything we do as a church body.

Passionate InfluenceWatch the Life Passion: Passionate Influence sermon

Biblical TruthWatch the Life Passion: Biblical Truth sermon

Missional LivingWatch the Life Passion: Missional Living sermon

Authentic RelationshipsWatch the Life Passion: Authentic Relationships sermon

Thriving FamiliesWatch the Life Passion: Thriving Families sermon

Life Path

How do we fulfill our purpose? In order to do that...we need a path. There are four essential elements to the Path of First Baptist Concord: Worship, Connect, Life Groups and Training.

Share Your Story

What does trading a checklist faith mean to you? We are hearing from so many of you about how this is impacting the life of your family. We would love to hear how you are being a trader for real life with Jesus!